Before & After-School Programs

After school programs

AKCCL assist schools in providing support to the children and parent that need extended day care after school has come to a close. Evidence is mounting that where and how youth spend their time outside of normal school hours has important implications for their development. On the negative side, estimates suggest that more than 7 million children in the United States are without adult supervision for some period of time after school. This unsupervised time puts youth at risk for such negative outcomes as academic and behavioral problems, drug use and other types of risky behavior.

Today, many children return to an empty home after school. When the school bell rings, the anxiety for parents often just begins. They worry about whether their children are safe, whether they are susceptible to drugs and crime. In response to this pressing concern, many communities have created after-school programs to keep children and youth out of trouble and engaged in activities that help them learn. AKCCL is one of few organizations in the Baton Rouge area that provides a low cost alternative to families in the form of after-school care for schools in and around the Baton Rouge area.

Furthermore, in response to the many failing school in East Baton Rouge Parish and surrounding areas, AKCCL provides an academic, and social emotional framework for students, while providing support to parent and schools.  Also, homework completion is an issue for most schools. Due to a lack of completion of assignments, teacher are having to reteach the content over and over again.  AKCCL  receives homework packet/assignments from the administration for each student enrolled in the program, and returns the assignments by day to both the classroom teacher and the parent.  It is AKCCL’s objective, as they support the school, to ensure that the content taught during class has been retained and put in practice.  Further, our aim is to support the school and the parents by ensuring that the assignment are complete and correct.  This will also be used as a tool to measure student achievement and growth within and across semesters. Additional tutoring will be provided in the content areas of math and reading comprehension.  Key standards will be taught/reinforced, and exit tickets will be given to assess student achievement. These exit ticket will used to measure growth, measure the program performance,and evaluate whether the program objectives are being met.  Our vision is to supports the school’s overall academic goal. All materials are aligned to the state common core for both content areas.  Students will also engage in recreational activities, and character development, which is tied into a learning theme.


Registration is twenty-five dollar ($25.00) required each year per student.  Once a child is registered payments can be made online.  Click on your schools link below for more information about the program. Once registration is complete, a link will be sent to set up payment options or you can click here (Setup Automatic Payment) to complete now. Automatic ACH and credit card options are available for convenience. AKCCL allows you the to pay for services through automatic credit/debit card payments or ACH bank withdrawals. Monthly auto pay qualify parents for a $20.00 saving each month for after school only.

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